Spatial Information Portal

Introduction to Spatial Information Portal


National spatial data service, there are various ways have tried to offer, but it has been difficult to utilize because of the space information system interspersed.
National spatial information portal with one integrated services in one place, at one time will become a hub to use easily.

“National Spatial Information Portal”
The Hub of spatial information

Introduction to Spatial Information Portal



Expectation effect

  • Convergence of various spatial
    information and technology.
    Create new value-added.
    Create jobs by new growth

  • Improving the accessibility and
    usability of various spatial
    Performing the role of helping
    both the public and private use
    the spatial information easily.

  • Distributing convergence data
    produced by the public
    and private.
    Activating spatial information
    industry by utilizing circulatory
    system of distribution platform.

  • Improving the timeliness and
    accuracy of the public service.
    Increasing business efficiency.
    Providing User-Centered

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Spatial Information Service

Service Overview

  • Map Service

    Map Service

  • Map Service

    OpenAPI Service

  • OpenMarket


  • Policy · Contents

    Policy · Contents

  • Announcement· PR

    Announcement· PR

  • Education · Start-up assistance

    Education · Start-up assistance

  • Community bulletin boar

    Community bulletin boar

  • Introducing to Spatial information

    Introducing to Spatial information

  • Introducing to Portal System

    Introducing to Portal System

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Spatial Information System

System Overview

  • National spatial data infrastructure System

    National spatial data infrastructure System

  • Spatial Big Data System

    Spatial Big Data System

  • Korea Real Estate Archive System

    Korea Real Estate Archive System

  • Korea Land Information System

    Korea Land Information System

  • National spatial Information Clearinghouse

    National spatial Information Clearinghouse

  • Cadastre Reexamination System

    Cadastre Reexamination System

  • KOrea Planning Support Systems

    KOrea Planning Support Systems

  • Onnara Real Estate Information Portal

    Onnara Real Estate Information Portal

  • Spatial Information Open Platform

    Spatial Information Open Platform

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Main Business

Smart Geospatial EXPO

With the convergence of the past paper-based technology with the technology of the 21st century, the utilization scope has expanded from the locating position, travel, and LBS in the past to various specialized areas such as traffic, national defense, disaster control, environment management and urban planning nowadays. Smart Geospatial Expo thus shares this spatial information vision providing new business model and help to related companies’ works.

  • Spatial information exhibition domestic and foreign
    Displaying latest spatial information industry trend and
    global industry trend
  • Ministerial meetings, senior foreign Invitation
    Reinforcing cooperation and pursuing co-prosperity
    through international exchange in the geospatial field
  • Held various seminars of Utilization, Technology and
    Geospatial workers participation of government agencies,
    local governments and researchers
  • Held a contest idea for the Promotion
    Developing policy idea for best practices and industrial
    development and the promotional progress
  • Hold an event for business performance
    Export Counselling, consulting program for new products
    and technology
  • Domestic and international PR in the online
    and offline
    Korean and English Directory, Newsletters and PR Video

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OpenMarket Overview


Many organizations and companies are providing various kinds of spatial information services . But it is difficult to use easily and quickly because of a variety of complex spatial information. We have made the open market system to solve these problems.
Are you looking for spatial information? If you now visit the open market, you can conveniently use a spatial information.

Spatial information is a good product

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